Calibrate and Orient a SBM680 SMART Board

Calibrate and Orient a SBM680

Digital cameras in the corners of the interactive whiteboard track the position of the pens and your finger on the interactive surface, and then send the information to the SMART software. SMART software interprets this information as mouse clicks, digital ink or ink removal in the appropriate location. If you haven’t used the interactive whiteboard before, you must perform a calibration. This process ensures that the cameras accurately track your finger and the pens on the interactive surface. If the system detects a problem with calibration, a warning bubble may also appear recommending that you perform a calibration.

Note: If the smart board calibration or orientation screen does not appear on the correct display please press the spacebar on your keyboard until the orientation screen appears on your smartboard.

Calibrate a SBM680

1.    Open the Smart Notebook Software. Go to SMART Settings > SMART Hardware Settings > Advanced >Calibrate.


2.    The calibration window opens.

3.    With a smart pen, press the first target.         

4.    Keeping the pen on the interactive whiteboard surface, draw along the track until you reach the second target. 

5.    Keep the pen in the track, regardless of where the digital ink appears.

6.    When you reach the second target, lift the pen from the surface.

7.    If the calibration window remains open, the cameras require further calibration. Trace your pen around the track a second or even a third time until the calibration window closes.

8.    The orientation screen appears once calibration is complete.

Orienting a SBM680

1.    On the smartboard tray press and hold the Orient button.


2.    The Orientation screen opens.

3.    Pick up a pen from the pen tray.

4.    Beginning at the first target on the screen, touch the center of the target firmly with the tip of the pen and hold the pen steady until the target turns green. When you lift the pen, the target moves to the next point.

5.    Repeat step 3 on all the targets.

6.    The Orientation screen closes.

Note: Unlike other Smart Boards the SMB680 has cameras that sense the location of your fingers and smart pens. Don’t obstruct the cameras’ view of the interactive whiteboard. For example, don’t place magnets, stickers or adhesive tape on the interactive surface or rest any objects, including your hand or the pens, in the recess at the bottom of the interactive surface. This interferes with the corner cameras’ ability to detect your finger or pens on the interactive surface.


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