Guide to Overall Zoom Chromebook Troubleshooting

There are many separate articles on particular Chromebook Zoom troubleshooting issues or guidelines. This article consolidates all these items into one.




  • Connect the charger to the Chromebook. Do not run on battery power if possible.
  • Sign out of your Chromebook if your not using it. Select the "Shutdown" button and power on the Chromebook before each Zoom meeting. This practice frees up the memory so maximum Chromebook resources are available for the Zoom meeting. 
  • Close unused Chrome web browser tabs. Only have browser tabs open that are necessary for your class work during a Zoom meeting.  
  • Position yourself  and your Chromebook as close to the home wireless router as possible to increase network reliability and overall performance.
  • Run a Zoom meeting test here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/115002262083-Joining-a-Test-Meeting
  • Zoom needs at the very least 2.0 Mbps per device of Upload Speed. Test your network speed here:  https://www.att.com/support/speedtest

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