Run a Report to See Who Has or Has Not Scheduled a PTC

To see which parents have or have not scheduled a Parent Teacher Conference, run CNF201.


  1. Type cnf201 in the quick launch, or find it in the PAD tree under Synergy SIS – Student – Reports – Individual – CNF201.

  2. On the options screen, specify a grade level – or a range of grades if you want to include several grades in a single report.

  3. The default output type is PDF, which, when generated will give you one sheet per student with information about the status of conference scheduling.  If no conference is scheduled, the area below ‘Conference Information (#1) will be blank.

  4. An alternative to the PDF format is to generate output to an Excel file.  Do this by changing the tab to Sort/Output (#1) and selecting Excel (XLS) from the File Type dropdown (#2).

  5. With output in Excel you can sort information as needed, but the fields to be concerned with are the ‘Meeting Date’ field (highlighted in yellow, a blank field indicates no meeting scheduled), and the Staff field (highlighted in blue, indicating who the conference is with).  

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