HS - Course Recommendations from Teachers


To prepare for the coming school year, teachers can make recommendations for the classes they believe the student should be taking in the coming year.  


  1. When focused to the class containing students you want to make recommendations for, in TeacherVUE, under the ‘Home’ menu, select Course Recommendations.

    Please note that the window for this option to be available is only open for a defined period.

  2. Click on the Add Course Recommendations button on the right.

  3. This brings up all the courses available at the school.  You can filter by using the search buttons at the top of each column:

  4. Use the radio button on the left to select the course to recommend.

  5. On the following screen: 
    1. Check the box to make the recommendation for the associated student
    2. Quickly select all students
    3. Quickly deselect all students
    4. Select students based on the grade in the current class


  1. When complete, click on Save (or Save & Return).



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